Artelia is an independent engineering, project management and consulting group that was born when Coteba and Sogreah joined together in March 2010. 

The group provides services to private clients (industries, developers, investors, contractors, banks, insurance companies, etc.) as well as to public clients (ministries, local authorities, public bodies, international funding agencies, etc.) in the following nine markets: building construction, water, energy, environment, industry, maritime, multi-site projects, transportation and urban development.

The structure of Artelia has been designed to conduct efficient management of major projects, to provide relevant answers to highly technical questions, and, at the same time, to deliver quality services to its clients at local level. The group is engaged in a proactive research and innovation policy.

The group has a legal structure consisting of a holding company (Artelia SAS) and four wholly-owned operational subsidiaries delivering services on their respective markets:

  • Artelia Bâtiment & Industrie (Buildings & Industrial Facilities)
  • Artelia Eau & Environnement (Water & Environment)
  • Artelia Ville & Transport (Urban Development & Transportation)
  • Artelia International (network of international subsidiaries and branch offices).

Artelia has a regional network of 35 offices in France and an international network of more than 50 subsidiaries and branch offices in more than 40 countries. In 2015, the group’s consolidated turnover amounted to €405 million, and it had a permanent staff of more than 3500 employees. The share of turnover related to international business is in excess of 30%; it includes exported services from teams based in France and operations directly managed by international subsidiaries. The group, whose profitability has always been good, is continuously expanding.

Artelia pursues and implements an ambitious policy in terms of sustainable development, ethics and corporate social responsibility, both in terms of its own corporate behaviour and in the way it conducts its project assignments. Artelia applies extremely rigorous procedures in terms of quality, health & safety and risk management.

The group’s capital is held entirely by more than 500 managers and by 1400 staff members via an employee shareholding plan.