The Expertise Group on Flood Control was established in 2011. Just like most of the other Expertise Groups, the main focus is the exchange of expertise. Besides that, the cluster wants to execute projects together with the SEEN partners in the field of hydraulic engineering, flood management and flood control.

Since most densely populated areas of the world are located in the most fertile deltas, mankind has always fought against the threat of water. Climate change demands for further adaption.

The integral approach of flood control covers a wide range of aspects from early warning systems, management plans, design and built of flood control measures, including operation and maintenance of flood control systems. The SEEN partners execute quick scans, feasibility studies and detailed studies on flooding including data analysis (remote sensing data and statistical evaluation), definition of structural, institutional and socio economic measures, hydraulic and geomorphologic modelling of rivers and coasts and flood risk assessment and flood hazard mapping. Besides technical aspects, moreover institutional, social, environmental and economic aspects are involved.

For more information please contact:
Patrick Sauvaget, Artelia
Thibaut Ulrich, Artelia
Eric David, Artelia
Harry Mols, Witteveen+Bos