The Soil and Groundwater Expertise Group was established in 2004. It covers the whole chain of site investigation, remediation and redevelopment. In the recent years special attention is given to green remediation concepts and sustainable land management. The cluster meets annually and these meetings are often combined with site visits, presentations with clients and participation in workshops and conferences.

There is a good level of communication on various topics, varying from risk assessment to geochemical modelling. Special technical webinars are held to exchange knowledge between the companies' experts. Furthermore specific study topics for international students have been identified within the cluster.

NIRAS and Witteveen+Bos have successfully cooperated in a EU funded project in Serbia, where several polluted sites have been ranked, investigated and remedial possibilities have been assessed and worked out in detailed plans. Several proposals have been drawn up together in various combinations. Furthermore specific knowledge on in situ thermal heating, present at NIRAS, has been implemented in a Witteveen+Bos project. Another example of the cooperation between the partners is the Tyréns trainee, who is employed at Witteveen+Bos to study Dutch soil remediation techniques.

For more information please contact:
Leo Mille, Tyréns
Rob Dijcker,Witteveen+Bos
Noëlle Doucet, Artelia
Juliana Lecourt, Artelia