The Expertise Group for Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Change was established in 2007. Just like most of the other expertise groups, the main focus is the exchange of expertise. Next to that, the cluster aims to work on projects together with the SEEN partners in the field of hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and ecology of surface waters and groundwater.

Important issue regarding Water Resource Management is the world's increasing demand for water, both in quantity as in quality. The primary use of water resources for drinking water is in conflict with the use for food production, industry and hydropower. Also the quality of the water determines the possible use of this water. Pollution and salt intrusion (e.g. in estuaries) limit the water usage.

A balance between demand and supply should be based on an integrated water resource analysis (quantity, quality, groundwater, surface water, flood protection, food production, energy, et cetera) in combination with a controlled water management system (based on knowledge of the system, monitoring, control structures and a decision support system on water distribution).

Climate change, in general, deteriorates this situation and proper measures can and should be taken. For example the European Water Framework Directive and the Ground water Directive integrate these aspects and oblige to protect water systems for future generations.

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