Hydrogeological Impact Assessment, Indonesia

For the development of a new cement factory in Java, a sustainable water supply source is a precondition. The location of the plant is near extensive rice fields that depend on water sources from the mountain ridge, especially during dry season. Therefore hydrological impacts of the limestone deposits in the ridge are to be investigated and possible mitigation measures have to be defined. Witteveen+Bos and Artelia have been assigned to make a preliminary impact assessment on the hydrogeological system of the water abstraction and the mining activities. Our local knowledge on hydrological systems, hydrodynamic modelling and water resources are combined with the knowledge of Artelia on limestone hydrology and karstic features.

Based on satellite images, bore logs and hydrological and geological maps, a remote sensing study will be executed. This will give a first impression of expected impacts and places of interest to be checked during the site visit of two geology and hydrological experts. Based on the expert judgement and the outcomes of the remote sensing study, the need for detailed surveys will be determined and a dynamic hydrological model will be made in which the impacts and effects of mitigation measures will be estimated and critical monitoring locations and parameters will be elaborated.