Surface water for industrial water supply

In collaboration with NIRAS and the Dutch company PWN Technologies, Witteveen+Bos is preparing a design for the expansion of a water treatment plant in the Danish town of Kalundborg.

The Danes generally use groundwater to produce drinking water and industrial water. The Tissø plant in Kalundborg, however, will treat surface water for industrial water supply purpose. The plant's existing capacity is no longer sufficient to meet demand and will be doubled from 1 million to 2 million cubic metres of water per year. A new installation will be designed for this purpose and will be connected to the existing network infrastructure.

Process portfolio

The design is based on a climate-friendly and energy-efficient plant, with enough storage and redundant capacity to ensure that any maintenance work will not have an adverse effect on output capacity. The design characteristics and technology were determined between project partners, together with the Client in a number of workshops. A Danish delegation visited PWN Technologies to find out more about Dutch technological innovations and the extensive portfolio of surface water treatment processes.