Within the SEEN network, a yearly program is prepared for young talents within the four companies. The main objectives of the Young SEEN program are:
  • to enhance the management capacities of young talents with potential management skills within key processes of our trade (project management, sales, strategy, governance, development, etc.) in a European multi-country environment.
  • to enhance their skills and interest in international work
  • to strengthen the SEEN networking and secure both professional and business opportunities
Participants to the Young SEEN program are carefully selected high potential engineers aged 30-35 years old, with already some experience of management and/or transverse responsibilities in their company. The program involves five days of meeting and five days of team/personal work for each participant.
SEEN managers select two or three important challenges for the companies’ businesses on topics such as strategy, business plans, sales, cooperation on international projects, knowledge management, communication, governance and shareholding. The participants are divided into two groups addressing one topic each and during a 3-months period each group work with their topic resulting in a report. The conclusions and recommendations of the reports are presented to the SEEN Management Group. The recommendations will be considered in their respective organizations.
The Young SEEN program is highly appreciated by both the Young SEEN participants as well as the SEEN top- and middle management. It provides valuable international experience and network to the participants, strengthens the SEEN network and produces valuable recommendations to the management of the SEEN companies on various strategic important issues.
In 2012 the Young SEEN program had eight participants, and in 2013 there are eleven participants. The following reports have been produced by the participants:
  • Company Attractiveness for Young Engineers
  • Social Networks in the SEEN companies
  • Modern Trends in Project Management
  • What are the main Burning Issues of the future – and how do we deal with them
  • Improvement of the SEEN network (common topic in both 2012 and 2013)
In 2014, the Young SEEN program had eleven enthusiastic participants, from all four companies. For several months they worked in three dedicated teams on topics that are quite typical for this decade:
  • Good leadership, guidance and coaching of young employees
  • How to work across boundaries
  • Long-term strategy for improving our world-wide market position

Their reports have been internally distributed up to top-management level.